CNBC or Bloomberg TV?

Which one do you think is better to keep running in the background while WFH and following the current situation?

A friend told me that his BB trading floored tuned into CNBC because it was more “earnings focused” What are your thoughts?

They’re both good honestly. Rick Santelli is incredibly smart, and Maria Bartiromo (or whatever her name is) is BAE :two_hearts:

Naturally I gravitate towards Bloomberg more often because I already pay for it, but, they’re both good honestly.

With the exception of Cramer. I used to be an intern at Scottrade, and every single friggen day from 4-5pm i’d have to listen to that guy screaming for no reason.

Who cares. They know just as little as you and I. (Most likely even less because you’re at least trying to improve your understanding of the markets). If they knew something, they wouldn’t be on TV.

I don’t really watch tv anymore as I cut the cord. But from what I remember Cramer follows earnings pretty well. Like when he talks about a stock I know well, he sums it up pretty well. He also does interviews with the ceos and stuff.

Yeah Cramer is my man. Him yelling “it’s armageddon out there” in 2008 actually got me into finance! But who watches TV anymore? Not me!

I wonder what his performance is like. I imagine not good. He didn’t have to flip out like that. It’s a lil overreaction. It does not seem genuine at least to me.