Coaching needed for a tyred retaker

Dear all, I finished reading book 1,2,3 and 4. I am planning to read PM and AAV during next week and leave Der and FI for later once I feel more secure with what I have already read. I feel like I remember many things from last years try, but not enough to try to pass by now. Today i was going to start to review all first 4 books but i feel like it is too much stuff. What would you do in my situation? I am studying by myself in a city in Spain that nobody goes for the CFA seriously (Barcelona) and its hard to go on… I am planning to get 2 or 3 weeks off from work because it is being almoust impossible to study during the week days… Advises will be apreciated Carlos

Your a retaker…if anything you should be giving me advice… Eyes on the target and stay strong buddy!

Well i guess that you are right. Maybe I need the advice from one in my reT situation… thanks and strenght though

pretend that girl you sweat will sleep with you if you pass

^ in your case Andrew, pretend SOMEONE will sleep with you if you pass… accounting freak

My personal take is studying with other people doesn’t work for me so being alone is not bad. People just bother you. Even if you retake, it will take about 150 high quality hrs to get back to where you used to be. Then you have to build it up to get over the wall. You are on the right path, you have to finish reading all the books again but remember reading doesn’t make it stick. You have to read, take freaken notes and they do the EOC questions after. After all that, review, do some practice exams and do it all again. I am serious. That’s my plan. I found it takes only a few days (3-4days) to go through each topic studying full time. So with 3 weeks off, 21/4, you can recover say 5 topics. But I would spend time on Equity and FSA first, then the next highest weight topic. Go down each LOS. It’s funny what you realized you didn’t even know you had to know, until you read this stuff again. You have to find time on the weekdays! Go to work early or stay there late or go somewhere else and avoid whatever life issues is in the way, if not, things won’t end well. Retaking still requires tons of work and long hours. Good luck!

Keep on trucking Charlie!! In ur plays I would skip the review of the review and just hit the questions!! do questions questins questions!!! and if youre having reall trouble on a particular topic THEN maybe you should do a 2nd review…