Cobra Kai new TV show


Admittedly, it’s another shameless exploitation of 1980s nostalgia, but this one looks pretty interesting.

What this needs… is for it to take a note from that crappy punisher movie with john travolta in it. Danny sends ninja assassins after cobra kai and ends up killing his family, cobra kai goes all punisher/dare devil on dannys butt.


I’m so excited right now. Finally, Johnny gets the chance to tell his story and make it clear Daniel was the bad guy the whole time.

Binged the season in two days. Just shouldn’t be this good!


Johnnys life going to the gutter was his own fault but in Karate kid one Daniel did steal his girlfriend, beat Johnny at the only thing he loved and destroyed his confidence, without family support or good friends anyone could have ended up like johnny

Your statement is contradictory. Johnny’s lot in life is a direct result of crossing paths with that dweeb from NJ. After losing the tournament his mom died (presumably from heartbreak) and his stepdad saw him as a loser. His true father figure literally tried to kill him after losing to Danielle. Johnny didn’t have a chance…until now.

I believe you made this call years ago. And now there’s a TV show to back it up.


^Me and Barney from HIMYM.


Lol was Barney the character in the TV show that thought Daniel was the protagonist in his favourite childhood movie?


In the TV show, Johnny’s life symbolizes the Kobra Kai philosophy. That is, he is successful when the Kobra Kai teachings are successful and vice versa. His lack of life success is meant to prove that Kobra Kai had also failed. On the other hand, Daniel has a successful career and life because he has “balance”, the same reason that his karate was successful. So presumably, if Johnny had not lost to Daniel years ago, this would have proven that Kobra Kai’s philosophy worked and that Johnny would also be successful in life.

Also, it was pretty interesting how the TV series made fun of adults settling disputes with karate fights. This was like, the main plot of the movies.

But didn’t Kreese finally at least try to get revenge in KK3?

^I might be mixed up on the names, was never a fan of the movie.


The main plot of the movie is about a man beating up some teenagers in cool Halloween costumes, invading their dojo to demand a fight, and teaching his pupil to win with an illegal kick to the face.

Sweeping the leg = legal > Crane kick = illegal

Johnny is your real 1984 All Valley Karate Champion.

OK. I watched the first two free episodes.

Any ideas on how to watch the rest? (Without subscribing to Youtube Red, that is?)

Sign up for youtube red free trial, and then cancel it before one month. That’s what I did.