Cocaine Cowboys

Anyone seen this documentary? Pretty incredible story about not only the drug trade of the 70s/80s but also the rise of Miami. Thought it was interesting to see people argue over the economic benefit of the era and whether it was worth the cost or not. Seems like the general view is that monetarily it seemed to make sense, but the moral and ethical cost on society may not have been worth it. Despite many of the stereotypes, the impression you get from some of those invovled was a very professional and well thought out approach - impressive in a way.

That’s why it’s “organized crime.” Sounds like a neat documentary, though.

Yea, in particular though the most organized people were the ‘middle’ guys. The smugglers importing the product into the country (Mickey Munday) and high level distribution (Jon Roberts). It seems everything below that was kind of a mess and the top level columbians were also a disaster. Munday made a reference to the top level columbians and essentially called them lucky idiots - he like so many in finance wanted to prove he could generate true alpha. In the context of that game he did come out ahead, only spent 7yrs in jail (he’s alive) and banked hundreds of millions through the 70s/80s (afaik not wealthy today). …apparently DiCaprio is/was in talks to play Munday’s character in a hollywood version.

I thought this thread was going to be about Michael Irvin.

Haha, kind of, references to Mercury Morris and the ‘79 Steelers’ front line (no pun intended) indulging before the SB.

Great documentary. The little piece about all of the cash flowing through the local banks in Miami was ridiculous. Also, the little bit about the one drug trafficker who towed in a Coast Guard patrol boat while carrying a couple hundred kilos was pretty amusing.

was suprised rick ross wasnt in it…makes no sense he knows the Noriega, the REAL NORIEGA, he owes him a hundred favors,…

I saw this documentary, and there’s a sequel. I thought it was pretty interesting to see the local economy booming while the rest of the country was going through the 82 recession.

no 2 is about Griselda Blanco, the “black widow”.

Yea just looked up the sequel - looks like that might be too gruesome to watch. She is insanely sick and twisted (even Rivi thought she was nuts).

LPoulin133 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Yea just looked up the sequel - looks like that > might be too gruesome to watch. She is insanely > sick and twisted (even Rivi thought she was nuts). I remember when they showed the pic of that dude’s head that was cut off, that image is like permanently ingrained into my brain. That was pretty brutal. I also remember watching on Gangland when this one gang in Mexico burned people alive, that’s extremely brutal.

Billy Corben does a great job with these documentaries. Check out his latest called “The U”…it was made for ESPN’s 30 for 30 series about a year ago. I heard Cocaine Cowboys is going to be made into an HBO series soon.