COD MW3 vs. BT3

Any fans of either around here?

I’m thinking of trying out BT3 this time. I’ve heard its more paced and teamwork-centric than MW3.

Halo 3 all the way.

I haven’t played BT3, but I’ve hated the previous two. I’m logging some good time on MW3. Still undecided where I rank it in the CoD series. Anyway, it’s been a fun few days, but Skyrim will be waiting for me when I get home. So long MW3.

Can’t wait!

My brother got me BF3 on release. I haven’t been playing much, just single player until Wednesday. GF is out of town, I’m off work and HOLY SHITE… Multiplayer is fun as fawk! Haven’t tried MW3 yet but I’ll probably pick it up. I loved BlackOps… just tough to find much time to game nowadays.

MW3’s survival mode when you’re playing with a friend is the best possible thing about this game. Then again, that’s the only mode we play because it’s incredible.

So far I’m unimpressed with MW3. Seems like a step backwards IMO. Like it was rushed and they skipped over some simple things that could have really made it better. For example, why the hell does Black Ops have such a better stat section? I know they’re two different developers, but still. But just like I thought, I haven’t logged more than 20 minutes on MW3 since Skyrim came out.

once you start playing the game, rather than looking at the cosmetic differences, your mind may change!!! I’ve never played skyrim though - I hear it’s amazing.

I’m in the same situation, Skyrim has really impressed me. Good stuff.

See, call me old fashioned, but I miss Halo 3 (and the Halo series in general). I do love MW3, I think it’s great and MW2&3 were much needed additions to the scope of FPS. But in online multiplayer, I hate MW3, it greatly favors campers and sitting around taking potshots at people who are trying to pick up the pace. I miss the fast pace of Halo 3, the close quarters nature, the ability to charge in dual wielding, and the maneuverability of the game (even if unrealistic). It was much more of an offense oriented game. I also liked the large jumps and ability to leap off of edges in in multi-floored maps, there was a lot more fast paced vertical movement which gave it much more of a 3D approach to maneuvering, whereas MW although more realistic feels very 2D in the movement.

Halo 2 > MW2 > Black Ops > Halo 3 > MW3 Halo: CE was better than all of them but with multiplayer being limited to system-link, I didn’t include it. I’d still give MW3 an 8.5/10. It’s still a good game, just zero improvements over MW2 and Black Ops. I’ll probably log some time on MW3 tonight. I haven’t spent enough time playing it to learn the maps. I’m sure I’ll get owned by campers until I do.

What!!! How can you POSSIBLY put Halo 2 above Halo 3. It was the most unbalanced multi player piece of garbage ever created! The developers even stated in interviews after the fact that it was a “broken game”! I’m sorry, sweep, but I just don’t even see how we can be friends anymore… Furthermore, I find your response offensive.

The balance issue exists in all multiplayer games. The anti-CoD crowd thinks all those games are so nerfed skill doesn’t matter. I have to give Halo 2 credit for revolutionizing multiplayer interface. And, Lockout is the best multiplayer map of all time. I still liked Halo 3, but it didn’t have the staying power of Halo 2. I got bored of it rather quickly. I didn’t realize it when I posted it, but my rankings are also representative of the amount of time logged on each game. Replayability is probably my biggest single factor in rating a game.

You’re dead to me

Halo 3 is definitely better than Halo 2. I’ll admit Halo 2 introduced the power of xbox live and online gameplay to the world, but Halo 3 is definitely better.

Sweep must have got his butt kicked playing Halo 3 because he didn’t have the real skills to compete. He was probably one those people who abused the double shots, bxr, bxb, superjumps from Halo 2…

Ouch. Halo 3 fanboys unite! This is actually pretty ammusing to me. I’ve never heard anyone passionately defend Halo 3 before, and I used to spend time on the Bungie forums. If either of you, or anyone else, wants to get their ass kicked online (is Halo 3 still even running?), feel free to let me know - GT: Ace of Debaser. (Though, honestly, I’ll be playing Skyrim so don’t bother me for a couple months.) Also, Goldeneye (the original N64 version) is the best FPS multiplayer of all time. And, I’m the greatest Goldeneye player of all time. Do the math.

Battlefield 3 is the sh!t. Much larger game with different styles of play. MW3 is basically the same as all the previous COD games.

Out of all FPS I don’t think I will ever log more time than I did playing Goldeneye. Seriously one of the best ever.

Goldeneye was awesome, it set the standard of the time for FPS games.