code issue


i used “bloomberg” in my “[qu*te=]” and the output created a shortcut link to bloomberg in the output.

here is the post:

here is the output:

>bloomberg prophet wrote:

It’s around this time that analysts are usually busy trimming their overly optimistic corporate profit forecasts. Not this year. With the return of inflation and improving economic growth, they are instead upgrading their 2017 estimates for earningsaround the world, according to Bloomberg News’ Blaise Robinson. Positive revisions are outnumbering negative ones, data compiled by Bloomberg show, which bodes well for equities in the coming months. The upgrades are uncommon, say JPMorgan Chase strategist say, especially since consensus projections at the start of the year were already elevated. First-quarter earnings are expected to rise 15 percent for European companies, 9 percent for those in the U.S. and 16 percent for Japanese firms. Bank of America-Merrill Lynch says a global earnings upgrade cycle has begun, with the number of profit upgrades outnumbering downgrades for the first time in six years. Previous instances of the earnings revision ratio rising above 1 have flagged a stock rally in the following 12 months on average, the firm says.

This will happen for all of the banner advertisers at the top. For example, if you type Schweser or Wiley it will also create a link automatically.

yea i know that but when using an advertiser name in the [qu*te=] it should ignore it instead of outputting some nonsense

Can you edit it out afterward?

yes i can but the right fix is for the code to ignore any keywords inside the

[quote =]

i assume this was just ignored?

The same issue will occur if you try to quote text with a link that was added manually. As S2000 suggested, the best approach is to edit out the code when you quote something with a link.

i dont follow. if i use a keyword in the quote, what do i need to do?

Are you looking to disable the automatic links? If so, these links are automatic and cannot be disabled.

why dont you disable them when a keyword is used inside the


[quote=“bloomberg source”]

[quote=“schweser source”]

actually looking at it now, seems like the formatting error has been fixed. please ignore.


Thanks for the update. I’m not sure how it was fixed but glad it was.