Code of Ethics VS Standards of Practice

Which of the following is a component of the Code of Ethics? A) CFA Institute members may reference their membership only in a dignified and judicious manner. The use of the reference may be accompanied by an accurate explanation of the requirements that have been met to obtain membership in these organizations. B) Practice and encourage others to practice in a professional and ethical manner that will reflect credit on members and their profession. C) Members and candidates shall not engage in any conduct or commit any act that compromises the integrity of the CFA designation or the integrity or validity of the examinations leading to the award of the right to use the CFA designation. D) Members shall not copy or use, in substantially the same form as the original, material prepared by another without acknowledging and identifying the name of the author, publisher, or source of such material. Members may use, without acknowledgment, factual information published by recognized financial and statistical reporting services or similar sources. Can someone tell me how do you tell which example falls under the Code of Ethics VS Standards of Practice?

B. It really helps if you know what falls under the Code of Ethics. Then it’s just a matter of identifying that or vice versa, depending on the question. This should help: Edit: What I meant to say was to memorize/remember those 6 points in the pdf, and you should be good with these sort of questions.

B Code of ethics are broader in range and not as specific as the SoP…