Codes of Ethics

I’m just trying to get a feel for how much time to spend on this section. It all seems to be common sense type stuff. Could someone who has taken the exam let me know the difficulty of this section and how heavily it is covered?

It is probably the most gruelling section of the entire exam, unless you are well prepared. And it is a “make or break” section. Do not think it to be common sense type stuff, because that is what it PRECISELY IS NOT!!! What seems very common sensical at a first read, does carry a lot of “undercurrents” in terms of wording, situation, scenario, etc. which unless you have read the “Standards of Practice Handbook Vol 9, 2006 Edition” and are able to dissect what is really being asked, you could get thrown off completely. So please do not make the mistake of “ignoring” this section. CP

you have to know all the standards and substandards. there are a few situation you have to know about such as which expenses and under what circumstances can be covered by researched company, etc.