I have been consuming significant amount coffee. Should I drink coffe in exam morning too not to pass out during exam? (since my body might have adapted to it) btw, I have increased my target study amount to 12 hours from 10/ day since I still suck!

seriously, excessive amounts of coffee (or anything for that matter) is very hard on your health. I’ve found that out that hard way a few times now. But sure, nothing wrong with having a coffee in the morning

forget about health now, does it effect brain functions negatively?

What’s so bad about lots of coffee CFA_Halifax? I seems it must somehow be hard on the heart (and does temporarilly raise blood pressure) but I don’t think there is medical evidence yet to prove caffeine actually does damage. Am I wrong? I’m drinking serious vats of coffee, especially this week, so it would be good to know. So far no ill effects on me yet as I just recently had health checkup. Any heart doctors out there taking the CFA and know the answers :-)?

i dont drink coffee at all

i’m a coffee guy too…keeps me keeps my energy level high. problem is the dehydrant factor…making it three hours may be tough. does anyone know/remember if they let us go to the bathroom during the exam? that would alleviate my concern, I don’t think time will be too much of a factor at least in the AM. yeah and the health thing, I’m not at all worried about a few cups of coffee a day for the next week.

Oh jeez, if they didn’t let us go to the bathroom, I wouldn’t be able to take the entire exam. Yes, they let you go when you raise your hand and ask nicely. I also tend to get bad headaches when I go without caffeine so I’m likely to down a small cup in the morning.

I weened myself off cofee about 2 wks ago.

hope you guys don’t mind the new guy chimin in? latest health craze is that 1-6oz cup of joe a day is okay and can actually be good but should NEVER be consumed by pregnant women, under any circumstances. but who drinks just one cup? from what I understand, it’s all about the mgs of caffeine in a day. Green tea’s a good alternative. only 45mgs a cup whereas coffee can have up to 150-200 mgs per cup. I’m weird though, I take the caffeine pill (200mgs a pill) in mornin before work followed by one cup of green tea afterwork before sitting down to study. buzz lasts for about 2 -3 hours but yet I can still sleep at night. in no way would coffee allow me to sleep. on exam day, will probably drink a shot of green during the break to keep juices flowin.

normally I am a sleepy guy. if you let me sleep I can sleep straight 14-15 hours easy any given day. so I guess coffee makes me normal.

Coffee seems to have little or no effect on me. I can have some before bed, no problem. I do like the taste, though.

agreed bchadwick Coffee definately beats in taste hands down.