Cognitive biases vs emotional biases

I understand the following:

Cognitive biases must be modified/moderated. Emotional biases are accommodated. When trying to overcome or mitigate biases that are both emotional and cognitive, success is more likely when focussing on the cognitive issues (cognitive biases dominate). Which which are easier to overcome, cognitive biases or emotional biases?

Cognitive are easier to fix.

Be careful with emotional clients, as their biases might get in the way of their actual needs.

Cognitive can be overcome with basic financial education for the client.

Emotional biases are hard to overcome and, as a result, the clients emotional biases should be encorporated into their IPS Structure

I don’t think this is a hard and fast rule, particularly if their emotional bias is putting the client’s financial health at risk

yes - if Standard of Living Risk is high AND emotional biases dominate, one should try to moderate the client’s biases primarily but eventually will need to adapt i.e. find a way of helping the lad anyway despite his biases (which are difficult to overcome)

Another thing to keep in mind is that, when trying to overcome emotional biases, you shouldn’t go into technical details such as Sharpe Ratio, standard deviation, etc. Make it simple.

if you’re trying to correct cognitive biases, you can go technical min order to moderate this bias.