Cognitive dissonance

This will sound stupid, but I’m sad. I really didn’t expect passing, and seeing that practically everyone in this forum is at/above the 90% line I feel myself ashamed, that I - comfortably though -but “just passed”.

And since I don’t need to retake, I probably never will get to know those areas of the material, which I did not internalize perfectly. I’ll never be an expert in GIPS, or never deeply understand the minimum variance hedge ratio.

I almost wish there was a CFA Level 4.

Am I the only one feeling so weirdly?

CFA Level 4 ?

Why not … Bring it on.

You can go to CIPM for deep learning about GIPS. For min variance hedge ratio you can take FRM.

I always hope there is CFA level 4 more about detail technique to avoid tax (Panama & Paradise Papers)



Nope, I was so relived that I have finished the tourture. I have some many meaningful stuffs to do besides CFA exam, and I feel like my past three years were no life besides working and preping for the exam. No CFA exam for me, no more. I’ll start to pick up my life and treasure my family and friends.

I’m going to sommelier school next. I’m done punching numbers on a calculator.

How about CFCS, Certified Financial Crime Specialist

Stop drunk posting bro. What’s the old saying about can’t see the forest for the trees…what is preventing you from learning more about those topics? Freedom and personal choice are great things.


Time to live without this exam hovering over your head.

Second this. I can relate to the Stockholm syndrome a bit OP, but time to move on.

There’s always the CFA continuing ed program.

I’m studying actuarial science together with the CFA so try that if your masochism is that severe.

Actuarial is far more difficult than CFA Exam.

also have a plan to try this also while finishing my Master Degree, maybe i will try P20 first.

Right, I probably suffer from Stockholm syndrome. :slightly_smiling_face:

Truth is, my job (and possible job for the next 20 years I have until pension) will not require anything from CFA material.

Will have to get back to a life of boring job, household chores and raising my kid. So I’m just a tad sentimental. It was great to be part of this community for a few years!

Moosey my sincere advise is to buy a good financial modeling course such as “Breaking Into Wall Street” and start studying that. You will feel better as you will be applying CFA level 2 Equity and Accounting knowledge extensively in this course.

I was actually considering that exact course. Now I’m just doing some VBA coding course, to beef up my excel skills a bit, but yeah financial modeling and valuation is where I’m planning to invest a bit of time.

start with macro recording excel first, more easy !