Coins in the US economy

Why are coins in issued by the US treasuries and not by the Fed?

Actually coins are issued by the US Mint.

NYCAnalyst86 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Actually coins are issued by the US Mint. US Treasury is responsible for overseeing the production of coins. They employ the US mint to make them.

My question is that the currency ( the US dollar note issued ) printed/issued by the Fed and why are the coins issued by the US treasury…

I think the printing also falls under responsibility of the US Treasury. It’s just that the notes are liabilities of the Fed.

According to Wikipedia: As part of this service relationship, the Fed sells and redeems U.S. government securities such as savings bonds and Treasury bills, notes and bonds. It also issues the nation’s coin and paper currency. The U.S. Treasury, through its Bureau of the Mint and Bureau of Engraving and Printing, actually produces the nation’s cash supply and, in effect, sells it to the Federal Reserve Banks at manufacturing cost, currently about 4 cents per bill for paper currency. The Federal Reserve Banks then distribute it to other financial institutions in various ways.