Cold-calling companies?

Hey. Do you think its advisable to cold-call companies to ask if there are any job/internships available? If not, how would I go about trying to find a job in the IM industry? Also, since im a fulltime ugrad, do you think firms will find me silly to be cold-calling/emailing them for part-time work? Im planning on attending upcoming networking events…but other than that im not sure what to do??

Go ahead. I did that when I was hard up for work. I would call and politely ask to speak to the hiring manager. Then be as persuasive as possible in getting the hiring manager to describe some open positions. Just be honest and direct as to why you want to work there and what value you could bring the company. It is tough, but it can work.

I would send the resume to the directed email. (assuming HR did not post a phone and does NOT specify NO CALLS). I would wait 24hrs to call and check to whom the resume was sent to. Get a name!. Then wait another 24hrs and call the person who has your resume and schedule an interview. This way, you went through the channels, but still look persistant.

There is no HR function on the website. No careers section, its a small firm…and they have a general email I believe and a list of all the investment pros there. I guess I’ll send the email to the general one and take it from there. Thanks