Cold calls

Has anybody ever done employment cold calls? What kind of techniques do you use?

Today cold called a bunch of IB and PE companies with an intention to submit my resume informally. Among 30 companies, had only one short interview with further resume submission.

And also, is Friday afternoon time a good time to call?

Recruiters, can you share some tips?

Dude, no. Just show up in person. Wear your best suit, spill some water on it, and then show up at 9:07 apologizing that you’re late because you had to resolve an impromptu city plumbing water line fault you encountered on your way. Say that you understand if Jan from HR is busy at the moment, but you hope your resume catches her attention for the role of fixed income analyst.

IDK dude, long story short this probably isn’t going to put your resume any nearer to the top or above anyone who’s already both qualified and submitted a resume via standard protocol.

However, if I found myself jobless tomorrow. I’d probably guess that my job hunt could be shortened at least a month or two by asking myself “What would Michael Scott do to get a new job”… and then doing exactly that.

Here’s a strategy that I’ve used: say you are an analyst and want to work for company XYZ. Look through that company’s old analyst job postings. Usually they include the contact details of the hiring manager in the job posting so you can ask for more details about the job (at least that’s how it is where I’m from). Send the manager an email/ message on LinkedIn, briefly introduce yourself, refer to the old job posting and ask about their current recruitment needs. This has worked surprisingly well for me; ive ended up having lunch/coffee with quite of few of them and will probably have a better chance of getting hired the next time they have an opening.

Thanks for your suggestion…