Collection of resumes from Darden MBA students

I see they all follow a formula. What do you guys think of this format? I was suprised to see so many people expending precious resume space on personal hobbies and interests.

Meh. I’m at the point in my career where my resume reads in the order: “Summary,” “Work Experience,” “Education” and then “Specific Skills/Certifications.” To be honest, it’s been that way even since right after I got my grad degree.

My first opinion (and I admit it could be a bias) when I see a resume which shows education first is that either a) the candidate is really young, or b) the candidate is trying to show off where they went to school. It’s like, trust me, we’ll know you went to Harvard/Wharton/etc. even if you bury it at the end (at best, it’s an interesting bio line for the presentation materials, so employers will find it – I equate this to grocery stores placing the staples that you know shoppers will bend over for like salt, flour, etc. below eye-level – the store wants to put the real differentiating and novel new items in the “path of least resistance” view. And yes, even a world-class MBA in our current time is a “staple” item). As your potential new boss, I’m interested in what you’ve recently been doing, and what you can do for me right now. It may not be a popular idea among recent grads, but employers really do care more about experience, and that just takes time.

This is standard format for business schools such as Darden - lead with education section and include personal interests as a means of developing potential common ground with the reader.

very cool. love this kind of stuff.

To me, they all look the same - finally I appreciate what HR’s do.

Much easier to interview than select candidates for interview purely on the basis of resume.

Thats the confidence boost I needed to apply to H/S/W. Some of those resumes are borderline hacksaw.

Was it that much easier to break into IBD/S&T/ER pre-crisis? I know Darden is a decent school, but pretty much every other resume has an internship with UBS, Citi, BoA, Lehman or JPM. Impressive.

isn’t Darden a restaurant chain? that comes to mind for some reason.

and I’d have to disagree with the education being weird at the top. As much as I’d agree that who cares where you went to school after work experience, I think it’s still just fine putting it on top if you’re within say 10 years after graduation.

for analysts/assoc, I actually like to see the education/licenses at the top. something perhaps:

degree/concentration/GPA + ideally CFA charterholder or candidate + FINRA lincenses

it sets a decent baseline

Yes, leading up to the crisis you could get an ibanking job with an English Lit degree if you went to a decent school.

Catharine _ H _ackerson. Did anyone else think that when they opened the link?

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Catharine Sl ackerson