College Football

Anyone here like college football, or are the people that like college football all too hacksaw for AF?

You know what, I wouldn’t have a life if I followed college football. I know so many that find it more entertaining than the NFL. I lose one day a week during NFL season, if I also followed NCAA I would have to fit my entire life into 5 days.


In the NFL there are 32 teams with 45 players per team. (or 53, depending on how you look at it)

In the NCAA, there are 65 teams in the Power 5 conferences alone. There are another 60-something teams outside of the power 5, each with ~90 players.

Plus, I hate the college postseason (or whatever you want to call it). It’s stupid and it makes no sense. And it incentivizes perennial powerhouses to play cupcake games just so they can get their requisite 6 wins to play a bowl game. (Think–Florida Gators vs. Savannah State.)

I much prefer the college game to pro football: I find it a lot more exciting.

I agree with Greenman’s assessment. I think that there are only 4 division 1A schools who have never played a Division 1AA school; two of them are in Los Angeles (USC and UCLA), one is Notre Dame, and I cannot recall who the fourth is. I deplore seeing LSU play The Citadel, or other similar games.

I love college football and am not really a big nfl guy.

I watch college football every saturday for a good 13-14 hours straight every week. Plus games on thursday, friday, and even sometimes tuesday and wednesday.

There is just so much passion and pagentry. That’s what I love about it. In the nfl it seems like no one cares if they lose. College is just more exciting and the offenses are better and everyone has a unique identity.

I find the nfl sterile and boilerplate.

As for those saying there are too many uninteresting games, just use the point spread. That makes them all interesting :wink:


this should make the weekend more exciting