college senior resume advice

I have been teaching English at a major English instruction school in Japan for the past 7 months (currently studying abroad) and am wondering whether I should put this under the EXPERIENCE section of my resume. The job requires me to speak with professionals (Accountants, Analysts, Engineers, Lawyers, etc), understand their needs, and give them a lesson based on their preferences. Because I meet a whole lot of people, there is need to have excellent communication skills. Is this something worthwhile to put on my resume or would it be a waste of space? I know it doesn’t directly relate to any financial careers, but I feel like its a good opportunity to appeal my communication skills on my resume. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

If you want a job as a teacher, then it’d be a great help. But at a college level, I don’t know what else you can put. I know investment banks highly value itnernational experience.

Experience is experience, and when you are young, anything that shows you can shoulder tasks and execute things that require responsibility are good, and international experience is good in a globalized world. So put it on the resume. You won’t be able to make a strong claim that because some of these people were financial types, this gives you good financial knowledge and skill sets, but this is where you can do other things like emphasize work toward the CFA designation, your own research reports, etc…

if you have other finance experience you can break it out separately. My resume had about 4 finance internships that I put under Finance Experience, but I also worked on a campaign where I was in leadership positions, so I put this under Other Experience.