College Senior...

I would appreciate any advice regarding my current situation. I have logged about 200 hours thus far, but feel I have retained very little information. I am currently a college senior with limited academic commitments this semester. I plan on not walking at graduation and flying home three weeks early to study (May 11 until June 5 devoted completely to studying). I am beginning to regret this decision as my close friends at school continue to pressure me into staying. Any thoughts on making the final push or staying for graduation? I appreciate all comments/advice/motivation.

amazing that you’ve done that much, good for you although I wonder what you’ve sacrificed. Tough dilemma…I would say screw it, you only get one last month of college, stay there & live it up, take the test anyway, and then maybe you have to take it in December. Good luck.

To add to what Andrew said - this is probably the time of your life that you’re not going to experience again (partying @ graduation). However, I am assuming that since you had a light load, you were probably partying hard up until now. Depending on where you’re graduating from, this decision could make or break your employment situation - having passed L1 will be a big boon to your overall job search. If your parents are loaded or if you were dealing coke and have saved some $$$, maybe you can afford to stay back. At that point, those extra six months may not feel like lost time. Read a thread by volante (I don’t remember the exact ID, but I think it is volante99), which talks about his employment situation, to get a perspective on where current college graduates are (non-ivy leaguers). Personally, having seen what I have seen, I don’t think I have the balls to dick around with my career choices. Having said that, you *will* feel missed out if you flunk L1. Opportunity costs, my friend! :slight_smile:

If I were you, I would stay for graduation. If you’ve already put in 200 hours, I doubt that taking weeks off to only study is really going to alter your chances meaningfully. (Cornell?) graduation is May 29 anyway. That gives you at least a few days to do last minute cramming. From my experience anyway, people from good US universities generally overestimate the difficulty of L1. It’s great that you’re taking the exam seriously, but I doubt that it is worth skipping significant life events for a couple extra days of preparation. If you do decide to go home for 3 weeks, I would encourage you to at least fly back to school to participate in the commencement ceremony. After that, you can go home to study again.

also depends how many brain cells you kill in the next few weeks

i regretted studying so much for my regular classes, nevermind level 1…props to you for that i guess