Come join me in creating voice notes and finish CFA topics much faster.

Hi, I have created a folder CFA and started creating voice notes so we can revise our topics using iphone, mp3 players etc while commuting, gym-ming… I think if people who are appearing for June exam come and contribute than we can revise our stuff much faster. Check my public CFA folder at I am adding notes for the derivatives section right now… Thanks, Meeta

You sound like that guy from the MetroPCS ad.

meeta, you are a baller

Meeta, I respect your initiative and the idea but there is no way I could listen to your voice for hours on end. You should hire a woman with a sultry voice… I’d suggest sublimity’s mom but due to her fondness for rigid objects it’d probably sound like donald duck.

@ Meeta Have you considered creating online flashcards at ? You can download them onto your iPhone using the app Flashcards. That’s what I use for certain C++ trivia. I think there are some text-to-speech (as well as speech-to-text) apps for the iPhone too, maybe you can have it read a much larger set of notes automatically, as long as you have the text. Anyways, good luck man. @ brianr I’m sure you are used to the Donald Duck sounds during your encounters with artvandalay, either hearing him make them or emitting those sounds yourselves for his pleasure.

you boys, sub and brianr, always calling each other names, slagging each other off…I think that really there may be some disguised feelings you should talk about over a few glasses of wine…

newsuper Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > slagging each other off… WTF? Talk about disguised feelings, looks like newsuper just fingered himself as a Romo.