Coming week.

I’m at a total loss with how to spend the next week. I’m thinking about going through all of the EOC questions again, and then go through my own notes to keep stuff fresh in my head. I’ve been using the Schweser volume 2 as revision questions, along with Finquiz. I just did all of the EOC questions a few weeks ago, and I scored 81 on the CFAI mock immediately afterwards. Then I went and took that Schweser Live mock a week later and got a 65. I don’t know what to do, and I’d love some advice.

I’ll tell you what I’ve done and what’s working for me. I found myself getting overwhelmed with the volume of material that we have to be on top of at all times. I also took the schweser live mock and was not happy with my score at all. I made a skeleton outline of the entire curriculum by study session, a very basic outline with the big topics in each area. I spent two days this week going over accounting, doing EOC problems over again, taking time to also look at any big examples within the text. Today I’m doing the same with equity. All while keeping the other topics jumping around my head. I also have two whiteboards in my room with various topics and any given time, right now one has the entire Treynor B process and the other has all forward/future formulas. I’ll change them out tonight, prob have pension stuff on one and some equity tidbits on the other. Tomorrow I’m taking the CFA mock. It’s important that you take time out to see for yourself how you’re feeling in each area. If you’re having big doubts about something, take a chuck of time to iron it out. You will feel more confident and it will resonate with the rest of your review. Unless it’s swaps. Best of luck to you.

Slorte, thanks so much for the advice. I think I had a bit of a panic attack earlier on. Sometimes I feel completely overwhelmed by this level. I divided up the curriculum as you said, and then I hung it up on my wall. It sort of gives me the big picture. So I look at it and know, well I’m sweet in this area, or I need to brush up on this… it’s made me feel a little more confident. By the way, I’ve decided that I’m going to spend the last week going through every LOS, and revising the ones that stick out as problems. I’m going to hit the EOC questions and some Finquiz/Schweser also. I can’t wait for this time next week, when I’ll be in a bar getting trashed! Swaps is actually one of my better areas. Thanks again.