Coming yr vs, next yr. Are they the same?

Q1 in CFA book 2 practice kapan/scheswer. They refer to the income in the questions as next year then in the solution they have it as coming year.

Is “coming yr” same as “next yr”?

Last year … year which just ended … coming year … this year coming ahead. It depends on the wording of the text. The case might be at year end discussing the year which just ended and the year coming ahead

or at beginning of year and mention last year’s expenses and next year so its 2 years…

I have to admit it is misleading big time.

It seems that way. Even in last year exams (2013 AM), the first Individual question also use the word “coming year”.

And I have never seen any question that ask us to calculate anything other than the next year’s required return. So just have to assume that coming year and next year is the same.

^^ check 2005 version :wink: it blew me awayyyyy they went for t+2 lol although they asked for next year.

coming year is surely just the next 12 months (t=1)

next year is the same thing, no?

Same thing? I think people are reading into this too much.