Command Word Clarification

Hello, As I read the Schweser Notes I’ve noticed that they will include formulas and calculations in LOS’s that do not have a command word of “Calculate”. Is it necessary to know these formulas and will they be tested on the exam? or are they just included for presentation purposes? I am doing my best to focus my studying only on answering the LOS and not becoming confused by some of the things that Schweser includes. What do you recommend for really narrowing the focus on the LOS’s and not getting too hung up in the detail? I am just concered with the breadth of the material and how deep they will test you on each topic. Thanks for your help!

In many cases, you’re asked to describe something or to give some intuition. In these cases, the formulas won’t be tested directly. However, understanding the “why” behind the formulas will help your intuition - if you can’t explain why a formula is as it is, you probably don’t understand the concept.