command word tips?

Hi, all I read CFAI website “Tips for Taking the Level III Essay Exam”. it says; Not responsive to command word list (list, define, etc.) lead to poor performance… is there any points we should pay special attention with regard to command words?? eg) “disscuss” may contain calculation etc… Since English is not my mother tongue, i’m not sure how to attack essay part. sorrry for vague question… and my bad english…

English is also not my mother tongue, but I hope my advice would help-- Read the command word list and see if each word makes sense to you. If not, post in AF and discuss about it. But more importantly, do the actual 3 hr. exam practical on some old exams and Schwezer practice exams. Then compare your answers with theirs. You should be able to get a hang of these command words.

On Schweser practice exam vol1. exam 2. Q5 C. The question ask when to use full replication, Stratified sampling, Optimization and one disadv for each. I would expect they are looking for answer like: small number of stock, liquid stock --> go for full replication to min tracking risk + disadv for each. But It see the proposed scoring key is the definition, adv and disadv of these 3 methods. Don’t understand why.