Commercial Real Estate Financing

Anyone know of any good books?

If you understand cap rates and can calculate a leveraged yield, that’s all pretty much all the theory you need to know. Maybe pick up a book on appraisal methods. Everything else should be learned by doing under someone experienced. It ain’t rocket science.

Yea, the finance part of it is fine. It’s mostly more structural, enviro and construction related stuff I’m not familiar with.

You’re the lender or the borrower?

a lot of the nuts n bolts stuff really needs to be picked up with experience. i’ve never found a good book that covers everything. If you look on ULI’s website there are Development Handbooks for various property types that are pretty good primers on development issues. I’ve never read anything on environmental, just learned by doing.


Thanks, I’ll take a look.

For environmental if you have access to them read through a couple phase I and II assessments to get an idea what they’re looking for. Make sure it’s a good consultant’s report and not a canned one that isn’t worth the paper its printed on. It’s pretty easy to pick up once you’ve read through a couple.

Yea for enviro’s, I basically just look for the recommendation and take it for what it says as long as its from a reputable engineering firm