Commercial Real Estate News/Sites

Anyone have any good sites for commercial real estate research, news, etc…that doesn’t require a subscription? Specifically looking for information on CMBS. (used to be CMSA). you can get their ‘compendium of statistics’ for free, tracks mbs market statistics. is a good source for general RE news – pulls articles from all the pubs, globe st., CPN, WSJ, NREI, etc.

Thanks jbaldyga!

Calculated Risk is a pretty awesome CRE/high finance site.

s23dino Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Thanks jbaldyga! no prob. is this for work/school/beach reading? just curious…

For a job interview in commercial real estate.

sell side or buy side? there are murmurs out there that CMBS issuance is making a little comeback. would be interested to hear what the company you’re interviewing with thinks of the state of the market… good luck!

What’s interesting to me is that properties in the southwest/west are starting to sell above appraised value. Opportunity knocks.

^commercial or resi? If you’re talking commercial and it’s based off newer appraisals it’s probably because they were overly conservative at the direction of the banks. I’ve seen some stuff would make you scratch your head – putting in negative time trends pulled from thin air, etc.