Common ratio to do a comparable analysis of growth and mature company

Is there any ratio to do a comparable analysis of growth and mature company.

I’d like to help you, but I have to confess that I don’t understand the question you’re raising. Would you mind rewording it, please? If I can understand the question, I think I can probably answer it.

One thing is certain: As companies grow, they must change how they perform routine, recurring tasks. If they don’t, they will end up with too-too many people on the payroll. That shows up when the analyst compares annual revenue per full-time-equivalent employee of small public companies in the same or similar business with that same ratio of the company being analyzed.

Say, I want to comparison to of two companies, one company is in growth stage and one is in value stage.Is it possible to compare both companies, if so which matrix, should be used to compare these companies .

I don’t quite understand the question that you’re asking. Would you mind defining the phrase “common ratio,” please? I think that would be helpful.

Fist of all I am sorry,english is not my first language.
I meant to say,Is there any ratios which can be used to compare growth with a value company. We often compare one growth company with another growth company or value co with another value company using some ratios like PE or PB etc
Same way i want to compare a mature co( value) with a early stage co ( growth) using some ratios. Is it possible to do so?