I’m currently in the process of interviewing for a great opportunity but the problem is it would be a pretty brutal commute. For family reasons I am stuck living where I am now for the forseeable future and I don’t see myself finding a similar opportunity near home. The commute would be approx 1.5 hours via train each way.

Has anyone done something like this? Is it even worth considering?


15 hours a week minimum?

seems rough. you’ll be able to get a lot of studying though

That’s nothing compared to emichan’s 2 hours each way. I think its insanity, but since you can’t move, that’s life. Would it make more sense to move closer to work and commute to your family commitments?

I did an hour commute driving each way (two hours per day) at one point in my career for similar reasons and it was generally fine. I think it is worth it if you really like the job, but I would try to move closer if you can as this is not a great long term situation. The commute did start to wear on me a little as you get home late, have to leave early etc. but overall it was not as bad as I envisioned.

Brew City… I take it your based out of Milwaukee, then? Where’s the new job? Chicago?

Anyway… i thought my commute was brutal. About a 40 minute drive with traffic.

Is it worth it? That all depends… Is the opportunity better than what you have now? Can you and your family handle the extra time apart? Are you being paid a good amount more? Are your exit opportunities better?

If the answer is “yes” to these, I would imagine it would be worth it…

I drive into NYC everyday. I would say on average it’s 1hr 45 mins each way. Some days 1.5, some 2.5

The more money you make, the easier it is.

Benefit to public transportation is that you can sleep. But I prefer the freedom of not having to stick to a time table.

^ Where do you live, Connecticut? That’s a brutal drive. Take the Metro North like a sane person, you damn lunatic.

2.5 hours each way??? WTF? I’d hacksaw myself immediately.

I live in Central Jersey. I can take the bus and it would be an hour and 15 (because of the bus only Lane getting into the Lincoln), but Villnius don’t ride the steel coffin. (and thats an hour and 15 just to port authority only… still a 20 min walk to my job, so Im back to close to an hour and 45)

Crazy thing is I am planning on moving a little further south in the next five years to be at the beach. My average will then be around 2hrs each way. In my mind, if you love where you live, it takes the burden off of how long it takes to get to work.

If I was in some slap-dick job, I wouldn’t do it though… not worth it unless you’re getting paid. I have to make a lot of sacrifices.

Its not worth commuting that far for work unless you make enough to buy a helicopter.

Lol, Friday afternoon shore traffic in the summer, I’ve had days its 4hrs.

Without my comp being what it is, I would too.

What’s the approx distance? Could you bike it?

~50miles door to door.

Wow. Yeah that is what it is I guess.

If you’re killing it, you don’t need to live in Central NJ…

That’s the point kiddo. I don’t need too, I want to.

you folks are crazy. i have a 10 minute commute and i hate it. you’d have to be paid like another $10-$15K per year just to make up for the commute cost (if you drive; maybe less if you don’t).

Yeah, its about 1-1.2k a month for me to drive in. Gas/Tolls/Tunnel/Parking. As I said, no way I would do it if it weren’t for the money. Bus Pass is only 360 a month. BSD’s take the ferry, thats like 650/month (Public Transportation with an on-board bar, awesome). But I don’t like having to stick to a set timetable.

It’s great you love where you live, but it’s still crazy to decide to spend an enormous part of your life sitting behind the wheel of a car battling traffic.

You’ve only got so much time in your life. You have made a choice to sit in a car on the highway for a massive chunk of it.

I hope to be out of this biz and semi-retired in another 10-15 years (Im 34 now). No way I would do this past 45-50. As I said I have chosen to make some sacrifices.