comp shy kid

are you still a virgin?

yes, why?

Hey CSK, don’t let him bother you. It’s okay not to have sex. Not everybody’s a @#%@# magnet. You, uh, what are you 25?

Hey guys. How goes the battle? Looking forward to hanging out with you guys in here next year.

  1. My D&D friends said that they will hook me up with one girl who is the same level though. I hold my hopes up

Don’t worry bro. Once you have CFA $, you can buy sex. Good sex. In Thailand.

Check for the Adam’s Apple…

Thailand flashbacks…thanks for that Pin… CSk, you’re only like 14 right? Don’t skip steps, keep finger blasting and work your way up.

shouldn’t all of you be studying?

what did I miss??

steps? there are steps? first step would be for me to take a shower

Am I in the L3 group or what. Houston… how’s it going.

Houston!!! You going to Chicago this summer?

BB…same old same old. that’s what I was saying, L3, Sponge…get back to L2 site! Hey MGG, how is it going? I may, if I can recruit some more female posters.

Pinkman is pretty feminine