company market share

Is there any place I can find a company’s market share, preferably within their industry or against their peers?

A Bloomberg terminal would do the trick, if you have access to it that is.

I was not aware of this function on Bloomberg regarding market share for industry. Got the function key?

Yes, please post the function key.

FactSet. It is little more interactive than Bloomberg.

@FrankArabia and Johnny Dee I used it to look up the food industry. I just type BI FOOD (Bloomberg Industries - Food Manufacturing). It has all the companies by sector of the industry. In the case of food (Confectionary, Drinks, Bread and Baked goods etc). Like that you can find information for almost any industry Oil, Biotech, Natural Gas, Communication etc etc. Let me know if that was helpful

This can also be done with FetchXL using the sector, industry or segment groups. Let me know which industry you are looking for and I will pull something together. (Disclosure: FetchXL is my company)

BI worked nice for drilling down into an industry. Is there a way to work from the stock level and go up? i.e. if I wanted to know where PZZA ranked amongst its peers in the pizza industry, can I find that in bloomberg?

doubt it Jonny…i have tried to find market share data and the only places to really find them are consultant firms and company presentations. but do share if you got it.

Thank you. I recently read Ralph Wanger’s book “A Zebra In Lion Country”. In it he states that he invested in market leaders. That sounds easy enough, but without knowing a company’s market share it’s harder to determine the market leaders. Hmm…

you been watching Amanda Lang or Becky Quick?