Company payed for my CFA ...

Well… not yet… but has anyone written up a formal proposal? Mind posting the text?

paid… doh!

but not for your grammar classes

fair enough… can’t seem to kill the post though…

i would think unless you’re trying to get your cfa from a non-investment area (i realize this is somewhat open to interpretation), that most companies have policies (we pay, we don’t pay, we pay after you pass, we do/don’t pay for schweser etc.)… i easily might be wrong, and it might be different in non-US/Canada areas.

I don’t work in industry, however my company is very on keen on keeping their employees developing so they paid for it. I simply went on the company website (vision/mission/statement page) and took some garbage out of there, talked about how the analytical part of the charter is very fitting to my current work and that my company would be investing in very versatile education.