Company X-mas Gifts

Ok, what kind of schwag did your “corporate partners” (vendors, clients, investments, etc.) send you this year? Who got scotch?

Shitiibank gave me a bottle of J. Walker Black. I guess I must not be that important of a client.

I got a box of cherries! They were damn good though.

Has anyone here gotten a “personal visit” from their favorite institutional sales girl? That would be a great holiday present.

Is banging a hot institutional sales girl against the code of ethics? Probably a violation not to, right?

If banging the hot sales skirt is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

I like jonnie walker black.

I got an E-card…sign of hte times i’m afraid… :frowning:

Didn’t get much this year. However, it is likely that our sales people received stuff but didn’t tell us…

I wish I could tell everyone that sent candy or something to just send booze…it’s equally as unhealthy, but makes for better re-gifting. You can really bring a box of Godiva to a bro-down, but you can definitely bring whiskey or even wine.

Nothing yet, but the week isn’t over. Hoping for a subscription to the Jelly of the Month Club.

My traders are nice and share. Snacking on some gourmet nuts right now. There’s a sales person that usually sends Omaha steaks but not enough for me. I might get an apple turnover or some other side from the package.

Just some candy from a software provider, not much else. My employer was quite generous, though. 500 CHF gift voucher and we could choose the store. How is it where you guys work? Do employers give gifts at all? Maybe even cash?

A lunch… And a small contribution to the 401k. And last, but not least, a pat on the back.

My company gave us all iPad Minis. Pretty damn fly.

iPad Minis? That’s sweet. How many folks are we talking about?

Hmm. I don’t know. If it’s like a $500 company gift, I’d rather they just give money.

I hope you don’t work for a public company. And if you do, I hope no one I know owns the stock!

We got shit loads of chocolate, cookies, popcorn, nuts…all useless!