Compensation Changes

Has anyone had any compensation changes following his or her passing of CFA Level III? If so, what does it look like in %'s?

went from $160K base to $220K base


More interested in whether it was promised to you prior to your completion of the program or if you leveraged your newfound charter into a raise.


My immediate boss casually popped his head into my office about 3-4 weeks before the exam and told me there may be a raise and / or bonus for passing level III. I received both within a week of passing although I was skeptical and mentally prepared for nothing.

Unreal, Good for you. Never leave and be grateful.

that’s a big bump holy crap

If you believe Stallion, then I’ve gotta bridge to sell ya.


That’s like another job’s salary.

MBA Harvard, CFA, investment banking, 60 hours per week, no life… 220k is not that much, right?