Compensation - IR

Any input as to compensation for an IR position, Cdn. large cap? How much of total comp is tied to firm performance vs. base? Also, does anybody have insight as to work/lifestyle etc?

Hey L3, check out this site. It only has U.S. locations, but perhaps you can find one comparable to your city. where @#$%& = t i n y u r l (without the spaces)

Thanks cjones, that’s a good resource. I’ve been seeing levels from $45-$200k depending on which site I check out. Is there a lot of pride-swallowing moving from ER to IR?

I can’t say from experience, but I imagine it would be like going from telling it like it is to doing a fair amount of hand holding. Not that IR is bad – just different.

are you talking Investor Relations?

Yup. Investor Relations. I’m not sure how much of it is dealing with retail investors (i.e. shyte work) vs. marketing to institutional investors/analysts, road shows, reporting, etc. (what I’d want). Is a lot of the job dealing w/ seniors who have nothing better than to ask why the company rounds all the numbers on its financials, to the nearest million?

IR is mostly dealing with potential investors, doing roadshows, meeting buyside and sellside analysts and PM’s. Explaining the company’s strategy and trying to differentiate from the peer group. Kind of a glorified marketing/pr/admin gig. Not to much financial analysis and more of a “gopher” type of role.

Oh and typically would not deal with retail investors. Why would you? The money is at the institutions.

Depends type of company you are with and their ownership makeup. If you are working for a trust you will likely end up hearing from grumpy/stupid grannies that hold your units. Your job function will also depend on your seniority and past experience. If you’re just starting out or have limited experience you won’t be attending any roadshows and will likely be stuck answering investor questions or performing administration duties.

Based on AGM’s I attended for trusts, I agree w/ kcin - since their retail investor bases are largely retirees, that makes up a lot of the questions. This firm isn’t a trust, thankfully. But I’d definitely have a lot of questions for the firm re: specific duties, responsibilities, etc. So would actual analysis be <20% of the work? More about moving pictures on ppt slides? Thanks for the input, guys.