Competition in the Interview Process

Round 5?! As some may know, I have been interviewing for a consulting position for a international company. So far, out of 15 candidates, we seem to be down to two. Round One: Phone Interview-Passed Round Two: Meeting with Staff and a few Directors.-Passed Round Three: Meeting with a few more directors, more techincial questions-Passed Round Four: Meet with CFO and even more exectutive staff: more techinical- Passed. I spoke with the recruiter I’m working with and we where supposed to have a decision today, but these guys could not make up their minds yet? last night the CFO said he would “sleep on it”. No luck. Rounds 2-4 were 3 hours each. I love competition, but this is getting tiring…

Wow, that’s a lot of interviewing time. You’d think you were applying for a C level position or something. Best of luck.

Keep in mind that candidate selection is rarely the most pressing item on an executive’s to-do list, even if it is a critical position. Be patient and gracious.

Very true OS- The other guy I was told, has the scheduled to go back for a one last round, since a executive director did not have an opportunity to meet with him. I debating if that is good or bad–for me?