Competitive strategy Q's

Do they also keep you puzzled no matter how often you’ve seen them??

yes… and i would bet 100% they will be tested… i always get spun around on these…

Those questions are magic. The right answer continually changes until you make a choice, the the right answer becomes the one that made the LEAST sense to you. (It’s like scratch tickets…I’m convinced all the numbers are changing until you scratch them…)

Hey read the CFAI text on this one i m scoring 100% on schweser test after tht

Sometimes its easy. The first thing I look for is to see the location of the business. Hopefully that’ll give an indincation of the focus. Like “services the Northeast” would be a focus. But sometimes the focus is within an industry and not a location. These are tougher. Then for cost/differentiation I look for any mention of being the cost leader. Its all real BS.

yeah, i just did 2 for 6 on schweser 1 pm (??) on this… it’s like i have no clue whatsoever, except for the fact most of these countries aren’t taking over the world. i would love to do a thread where we share ideas on what are trigger words etc… i hope i have enough to offer though. i’m actually wondering if i should be reading something else from/about porter. this subject has me completely stumped.