Completed First Mock Exam

I just finished my first timed mock exam today. I thought I did better than my score revealed, which was kind of dissapointing, however I know I have time to bring up my score prior to the real exam. I got a 58% and I scored similar among the different topic areas. This is mostly a chance for me to vent than anything. What has everyone else been scoring on mock exams?

I hope everyone else is making positive strides towards passing. Good Luck!

Did the mock give you an AM and PM score or did you have to take the whole thing to see what answers you got right/wrong?

This was just the AM score. I’m going to be taking the PM session tomorrow at home. This is not the mock that is being provided by CFAI.

I took my first mock last Saturday and got the same score, 58%. I took another one today after reviewing hard all week and got 57%. I graded the AM session first and was really pleased to see that I’d gotten 40/60, but then the PM session was just awful.

It’s super frustrating for me because for the level I mocks I was pulling ~80% for every mock I did after the first one. The problem sets on level II are super focused and if they decide to test an area that you’re weak on you’re kind of screwed.

i feel your pain man, took the CFAI mock about 5 days ago i think, scored a 61%, did terrible in AM, better in PM but yea its hard af this time. been doing schweser mocks and getting slightly better, i think if you just take the time to review all your answers in the mock while you grade it, you will learn a lot more.