Completely exhausted...

Need a push for next 10 days…

yes, only 10 days. isn’t it exciting!

Keep holding on…

If you are burnt out, take one night off and rest. After that, push hard until exam day. We’re almost back to having a life… Just a few more days, make them count. :slight_smile:

This was good “We’re almost back to having a life…” … :slight_smile:

yes… i think will take a half day break till tomorrow nd start again…

To prevent burn-out, I relax on Saturdays and Sundays and don’t study anything. Even during the weekdays, I can feel when my brain stops working cuz it’s tired, so I’ll take a few hours break then.

I feel the EXACT same way.

Honestly, I feel like my brain is fully saturated and I can’t take in more info… But at the same time I’m constantly panicking because I feel like I’m not fully prepared!

Yes same. I would just like to write the exam tomorrow and get it over with. Today feeling pretty down. Hopefully tomorrows better. Just keep telling myself I’ve put in 5+ months thus far, no sense stopping a week and a half way from the exam.

Hang in there. Between work and studying, Americano’s are my best friend. It’ll all be over soon.

take it easy. make studying fun and put in all you can next few days.


I was so braindead from studying yesterday that I forgot to bring my material home from work for the nightly study session. I sat back with a couple of beers and watched a baseball game instead. I feel like a new man today. Gotta let the brain recover.