Completely forget everything after studying and master those subjects!

Hi all, HELP!!! I have spent the last 6 months going through every stuff and I can do all the individual chapters exercises but then now when I do the MOCK exam, I forgot almost everything I have mastered before, it is just like brand new, how can I deal with this, i am so desperate!!!

Sorry to hear that, I totally understand your situation. Normally it takes me two or three times revisiting a concept to make that concept drill in my mind. I feel that six months for one round is a bit too long…

Try Schweser slides or videos as a final review, has it all .

You still have one month to go, just put the time in. I’m just finishing my second review which took a month (this includes going through all the text book, notes and all EOC) and i’ll have finished a third review (probably 2-3 weeks) by the time the exam comes around.

This is normal and expected.

First, you spend a lot of hours over many months learning the material.

Then, closer to exam time (like now) you begin revisiting the material, to get it fresh in your mind again.

This is why mock exams, practice exams, secret sauce, etc exist.

Assuming that you actually did learn the material in the first pass through, you will find that it all comes back to you much more quickly than learning the material from scratch.

Forget the review and the slides/videos/notes, etc. We are all in the same boat. Just pound the practice problems. Your first time going through problems will suck, and then you will learn how to do the problems. Start with one concept at a time. I got 50% on my first practice test, but I’m now up to ~65-70 by just reviewing and honing in on what you don’t know. Don’t practice stuff you can already do. Good luck.

yeah i tried doing practice stuff but I found it is not useful at all if you completely intimidating when everything is like brand new and you don’t learn anything, so i end up reading the notes again and again and this is so stressful as the exam is near, thanks a lot everyone, i am just so stressed up!!

Yes, I second this. This is totally normal