Completely tired exhausted and seems to have no energy left...

Repeat level 3 Guys,

Is it very stressful while you are preparing for second attempt?? Just in case i do not make it this year…i will atleast be relieved thinking next year it wont be this tough sad

take a day off and recharge, sometimes we need that

I’d imagine the second time you’re sitting for LIII is even tougher – since the idea of possibly sitting for a 3rd time comes to mind. Then again, maybe you’ll never pass this final hurdle. And all these years of studying was for nothing.


My dad was so tough on me that I never thought I could express my fears openly with any friend; how the world has changed. Man Up!

Same exhaustion here …

I am currently reviewing (+ practicing) the AM Exams from Schweser and from the Institute but i cannot force myself to write all that answers down - i try to think through the main aspects and then move on, saving all that paperwork for the exam :wink:

It’s just the feeling of diminishing marginal utility you see ! As I go through more and more AM exams i just dont seem to get it after a point…I wish i could develop Risk Seeking attitude soon…