Complex Structures.......

Hi all…

Anybody knows a good book or website that gives an insight into complex equity structures or transactions that have never been seen before … real life examples of transactions that have happened in the market???

Real life examples of things that have never happened before? I hope you realize why that can’t exist.

You see things; and you say “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and I say “Why not?” - alipcba

i know things that people think they dont know

I’ve designed a bunch of this weird stuff, but it’s all private.

guys… im not wack or smoking weed or anything… Im saying that are there any books or websites who talk about complex structures which are obviously new to the world… obviously im asking about the ones that are published… guys seriously why so much hate … :stuck_out_tongue:

What i mean is like … there was a time when there were no CDOs MBS … but they came into being… right??? and we know these structures now…

check out the verizon abs backed by equipment repayment plans

My motive my friends is to expand my mind to possibilities…

Alright… so where did you get the ideas??? from experience??? or just thought of them… but even if you thought of them yourself… you might have had read something that lead to these structures… I mean i come up with solutions all the time but they are limited to what ive seen in the market or read something somewhere. some ideas are based on basic accounting and finance that… okay its possible that we can create this structure… because it follows the principles of accounts and finance,…

Try untangling Samsung’s corporate structure.

Frat boy i will untangle the Samsung’s corporate structure three times… but not more than that… :smiley:

wow… hats off to lee family… complex is an understatement

waste down with the master piece

Everything published is 10-years out of date. Most of the material in the CFA program dates back to the 50’s.

Unless you are the person designing these structures you’ll never hear about them until years later.

It usually starts with a need. There is some product to sell, of questionable value, and the complicated structure makes it seem more valuable…or disguises its questionable value with complexity. See CDOs.

Exactly. Even years later you may not hear about them because it’s small market stuff, but you hear about them when they blow up!

Can’t say I’ve seen much complex structures. I’ve seen some creative ones in the municipal bond space. My favorite was the bond proceeds were used to retrofit Section 8 housing with energy efficient upgrades. The source of the repayment for the bonds was a part of the energy savings of the housing unit. While that’s not complex, I find it very creative – especially since it qualified for muni tax treatment. Can’t recall what that type of bond was called, but I think Crews was the one who did them

Snake oil. If you can’t explain a deal in an elevator pitch, its snake oil. Especially if its a quant PhD selling it.