compliance officer for a junk bond fund?

What does a compliance officer do?

Eats bananas and makes sure lunch arrives hot.

If your compliance officer quits in the middle of a liquidity crunch, do you get worried?

I heard working in complaince is a good way to get into the front office. Is this the case?

No, the case is that i own stock in a company and that company’s compliance officer quit on 9/14 (near height of recent liquidity crunch). The company holds/trades debt for which there isn’t much of a market. The paranoid person within me is thinking that he quit because he couldn’t agree with the way they marked their assets. I’m wondering… is that the compliance officer’s job to mark to market, price assets, etc.? Is he sorta like the internal auditor? What do they do on a daily basis? (executive level)

I work in compliance for an asset manager. I hope it will leadt to the front office one day. Basically the compliance officer are just check the trades and positions and making sure they are in line with the guidlines and regulations. Not terrible exciting stuff.