compliance officer

we knew to it’s wrong to have compliance officer reporting to CIO. but, is it fine to have CIO being a compliance officer at same time.

No. CIO and CO should be different peeps

why? the guideline only requires CO to report to CEO and the board.

Should be seperate from Investment side.

I thought it all depended on firm size? Like if your firm is only 5 people, a PM, etc. can also be the compliance officer. But if your a big firm you can hire a separate person as the compliance officer. That was my impression from the asset manager code. Either way they should report straight to the CEO and board. Thoughts?

“Where possible, the compliance officer should be independent from the investment and operations personnel and should report directly to the CEO or board of directors.”

CIO means Cheif investment officer or Cheif information officer???


^Then compliance officer need to be sepearted from investment.