Complimentary Problem-Solving Workshop

All, Free 3-hour Problem Solving Workshop by Stalla… I’ve done my bit by registering :slight_smile: ************************************************************* Experience Stalla first-hand—at no charge to you—at this live, hands-on workshop led by a national CFA® Exam review course instructor. 1. Practice exam-quality questions 2. Get tips and strategies for success on the exam 3. Take home additional practice questions and detailed solutions 4. Network with faculty and local peers This is a working session, so remember to bring your CFA-approved calculator. You’ll also have an opportunity to sample our Mock Exam and Review seminar and will be eligible for a raffle to win a Mock Exam scholarship. This event is offered at no charge to you, but space is limited. RSVP now to reserve your place. To register for this live, complimentary workshop please visit or call 877-727-7232. New York City Oct 14, 2007 1:00-4:00PM For other locations, please refer ************************************************************** - Dinesh S

I wonder if they are going to cover practice questions only. I hope this is not the same session where they discuss financial ratios and dilutive securites and do a few questions in between.

lola, I had attended their “Financial Ratios and Earnings per Share” Free session in Hotel Pennsylvania, New York City. But that was way back on June-19th . That time, I was new to Finance world and usually got confused between Equities an Bonds :slight_smile: lol But, this is an intensive problem solving 3-hour session, covering most of the problems, if not all and now I could well differentiate between Equities and Bonds, thought I still confuse between a CMO and CDO, but nevertheless… Worth attending!! - Dinesh S

I looked at Stalla’s free “Financial Ratios and Earnings per Share” workshop as an archived Webinar. During the workshop, they mentioned a couple of times that that the entire FSA 2 Lecture was also available for free. Does anyone know if that was a limited time offer, or if it is still available?

Dinesh and others You would not end up solving more than maybe 10 problems in all. However advantage is Peter Olinto is there live in person, and he provides some very useful tips. That is about the only good part about spending the 3+ hours + travel time outside the house, preparing otherwise.

cpk123, do they give you a take-home exam as well?

annasmom, even I am looking out for the complete FSA session (if available) from Peter, that would help us knock-out FSA from the worry list. cpk123, completely agree, but I could even fly down to NYC If Peter was to solve those 10 problems, though I just stay 5 minutes away from Manhatten ;-p. We need to capture the way he attacks the questions, and not how we think it traditionally and almost always get it wrong. - Dinesh S

they give a 40 or so take home booklet, with solutions. and I believe many of the questions are already on Stalla Passmaster. go to the bottom of the page - they have the Financial Statement Analysis Webinar for FSA 2 (Financial Ratios and WACC stuff on there) + the PDF of the FSA 2 Lecture notes.

Thank you, cpk123. I’m thinking of going to the Problem Solving Workshop. I don’t have Stalla Passmaster, so the practice question booklet would be helpful.

I did a similar session when I was in Atlanta for a week and it was a complete waste of time. It didn’t even last full 3 hours. You work on about 10 questions and rest is just peter’s video playing on the screen. I don’t know about the other cities but Atlanta session was not worth the time.