Comprehensive Income vs Other Comprehensive Income

Is there any easy way to understand the difference between Comprehensive Income vs Other Comprehensive Income and why one appears on the BS and the other on the IS?

Comprehensive Income = Net Income + Other Comprehensive Income Other Comprehensive Income = Foreign currency translation adjustments + Unrealized holding gains and losses on available-for-sale securities + Unrealized gains on losses on derivative contracts (those that are held for hedging) + Minimum pension liability adjustments Retained earnings (part of shareholders’ equity on the balance sheet) basically equal cumulative net income. Similarly, accumulated other comprehensive income (part of shareholders’ equity) on the balance sheet) basically equals cumulative other comprehensive income. Retained earnings and accumulated other comprehensive income are ALWAYS listed on the balance sheet under U.S. GAAP. Under U.S. GAAP, comprehensive income can be reported on the income statement (below net income), in a separate statement of comprehensive income, or in the statement of changes in shareholders’ equity. Under IFRS, firms are not required to report other comprehensive income. For more queries just email us on