Computer Based Exam - Notes

Hi All, good luck.

I took Level 2 a long time ago, before this computer based format.

I’m used to writing out problems/solutions on scrap paper, and I know we can use scrap paper. But when we need to “Show calculations”, do they use our scrap paper or do we have to literally type out formulas on a computer? I hope not the latter


Your hope, alas, is futile.

Type the formulae with the numbers already in them; there’s no benefit to typing them with names or symbols first.

They really should be doing the Level III exams on tablet computers on which you can write on the screen with a stylus. Sigh.

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Thanks. Do you mean if the formula CER = E(r) + .0005(lambda)(vol)

that we can just type only …CER = 12% + .0005(4)(14%)

and that is enough?

If I were grading your paper and your inputs matched up, I would be delighted to give you full marks!! :+1:

thanks for this, sounds worth it to add a little