Computer based test erasable boards

writing on the erasable boards
is that similar to pen and paper? Thanks!

Worse than white boards.

White board markers, but it’s laminated sheets of paper you’ll be writing on, so the ink flow is much less smooth than if you had an actual white board. Distracting and annoying.

thanks a lot
why cant they just use the pen and paper…

I took the exam. I didn’t like those boards. What I got wasn’t even a clean sheet. And due to the size of the markers I couldn’t write small on them to save space. It had printed stuff and a grid on one side. After I used up the original and got replacements, I got one that has grids on both sides.

I guess they reuse them and save on paper.

Very easy to get ink on hands and clothing too. Not a good thing for candidates.

Pen and paper still the best.

I agree w/you @blueskies, I took CAIA L2 earlier this year and had a terrible time with those stupid sheets, just like you described. I don’t see why they can’t give pen & paper and collect the papers afterward. I presume they take the sheets back & scan into PDF to keep a record in case any questions come up on cheating, but they can just as easily scan in paper.

agreed. the ink left on my hands for a whole day…