Computer makes humming sound from the tower

My computer makes a sound (coming from the tower), but only when I put the power on. The sound lasts for 1 minute then goes away. It only comes back when I startup my computer again.

I did a quick search on the net and it might be a problem with the fan. I bought my computer less than 2 years ago. I removed all dust close to the computer a month ago and the noise stopped. It’s now back.

Should I be worried? Or because it goes away after a minute I shouldn’t bother doing anything? The problem is not affecting speed or anything else. Everything else is working fine.

No it’s probably the fan. It could be a dust ball in there that gets stuck in the fan and creates a whirring noise, but after a while dislodges itself. If you reclean it, it will probably stop. This is a common problem.

Why don’t you remove the tower cover and take a look where the sound is coming from?

The only thing that can really making any kind of buzzing sound would be the fan (it’s only thing that really moves around in there), so as long as it’s running there shouldn’t really be any need to worry. You can always replace the fan (they cost like $5) it it really bothers you.

Is it the DVD drive whirring? The only moving stuff inside the tower unit are the fan, DVD drive & hard disk drive.

To do a general ‘clean-up’, open the tower unit casing and with a can of compressed air, blow-clean the innards (a heck of a lot of muck is going to fly around - do this outside!). I actually use my vacuum cleaner reversed (in ‘blow’ mode) - not supposed to do this for some reason, but it works fine.

I never used the DVD drive.

I did open the tower to remove the dust a month ago. The noise stopped, but started 2 weeks later. I hope I don’t have to open it every week.


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It’s the fan. Might need to be cleaned or replaced.

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Where the humming sound is concerned, the conclusion of all the above in-depth tech analysis - if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

^ OK. I hope my computer doesn’t overheat though. I hear the fan is important.

Replace the fan mate, its easy… And yes you do need the fan, otherwise there are chances that the CPU can get overheated…

For peace of mind, download a free utility to monitor your CPU temp (eg. Core Temp). Run some CPU intenstive tasks & monitor the temp.