Conceding lengthy math questions?

I’ve used this strategy before of simply not bothering on very lengthy calculations on equal weighted test before, and had good results. Should I expect to see too many portfolio standard deviation or other difficult math questions on the actual exam? I just see QBANK questions that seem unrealistic to be in mass quantity on the actual exam. Not really sure I even want to bother. Anyone else use this philosophy with success?

I felt the math/quant questions from the qbank were alot more involved than what I saw on the exam. Understanding the concepts behind the question on the L1 exam is more important that actually completing the calculation.

The actual questions CFAI will give you on CFA Level 1 (either in sample exams, mock exams, or real exams) will never be as calculation-intensive as the ones Schweser gives you. Do the long, intensive calculations to practice speed and the mechanical steps, but the main thing is to understand the concepts inside out.