Concept Checkers/CFAI Practice ?'s/Book7 ?

I have been studying this cr@p since February and have been very focused up to this point, but for the last week or so it feels like I’ve just been running around in circles… I think that I have run Q-bank for all its worth and I have gone through most of Book 6 and the 2006 CFAI questions. At this point, I feel like I am just re-reading the same stuff over, and over again but I keep running into areas that I don’t remember. I need to come up with a game plan for the next couple of weeks so that I can solidify my knowledge before getting into pre-test mode. I was thinking that I should: A: Go through all of the end of chapter CFAI problems B: Go through Schweser “Concept Checker” problems C: Keep focusing on the Vignette style questions in Book 6 and Book 7 Again, my goal is to fill in the gaps before I spend the last 2 weeks going through practice exams. Any advice from those who have gone through the CFAI Curriculum ?'s and the Schweser “Concept Checkers” would be much appreciated as I am leaning towards options A or B. Thanks all.

A. though my practice scores wouldn’t show it, i think going through the end of chapter cfai problems is very helpful. i would do that. not sure you can get through all the open-ended ones, but you should at least do the vignettes and other multiple choice… when you say, “have gone through”. do you mean you have taken almost all of the book 6 exams already?

And how much of the Q bank have you done? Any less than 50% and I’d say do that. Did you take notes / make note cards as you when through each section? Do so now if you didn’t. Re-read them if you did. After reviewing each section in this manner, take a 120 question Q bank test on that section.

I have taken the first two book 6 exams, but not on a 3 hour time limit. I have been doing one vignette at a time, checking the answers on Schweser’s website after each vignette. So far I have used those as more as tool to get used to the vignette format. I’ll probably start taking the CFAI practice exams this weekend.

Thanks for the advice, I think my plan for the next two weeks will be to go through the CFAI end of chapter ?'s and Q-Bank to solidify some problem areas while doing the CFAI practice exams on the weekend.