concern of changing test center and register now

I checked the link for policy about changing test center: If request being processed within 48 hours, will they let me know the result right after that 48 hour time frame? Thanks. I am in the position that the 75 days deadline is around time I will change my job, I do not know where I might go before that date. Or should I just register the exam after I settle down? BUt the fee difference is quite big. Anybody ever heard that the change test center request has been denied? Thanks.

I was in a kind of similar situation last year for my level II. In general, they are flexible with test center deadline. I faxed my test change request around the deadline but they notified about 2 weeks later. You are good until examination ticket is ready. I am not sure what they can do once ticket is ready. But, I am sure they will definitely try to accomodate your request. And, it is free. Go register for exam without worrying too much changing your test center.